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Be at the Forefront of the Workplace Wellness Competency Mindset Shift

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Join us for our second annual GWWS in California on

November 12-13, 2020

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Taking place on the beautiful campus of College of San Mateo overlooking the San Francisco Bay on both sides

Join Us at our 2-Day Event on

November 12-13, 2020

It's All About ​the Mindset Shift of the Decade

​This Summit is For You If You Are

  • A leader of busy professionals who want to build or maintain the resilience of your team
  • Looking to promote mental wellness in your workplace
  • A Human Resources Leader who wants to build a culture of wellness
  • A Wellness consultant looking for new ideas and tools to boost your portfolio
  • A workplace wellness coordinator wanting to boost employee participation
  • An organizational leader who wants to stay on the cutting edge of workplace wellness
  • A health and safety officer looking to add more preventative wellness strategies to your workplace safety and health initiatives
  • A workplace wellness provider want to connect and network with others in the field
  • Who We Are & What Makes Us Different

    ​We are paving the way for the wellness mindset shift in the workplace with the GWWS 2020 summit being just one of the global stops for the Wellness Competency Mindset Tour 2020.  

    Y​ou are going to want to be involved with this!

    We approach workplace wellness from a multi-dimensional perspective, leaving no areas that can impact the wellness of your organization or people untouched. This includes an emphasis on mindset, leadership, company culture, employee engagement, and even travel. With a return on investment of $1.60 to $2.10, a workplace wellness program is one of the most lucrative undertaking in organizations today and we support your investment from the boardroom to the mail room. 

    Our Goals

    ​Creating the Wellness Mindset

    The goal of the GWWS is to simplify the process of implementing an integrated workplace wellness program that meets the needs of today's rapidly changing,   diverse and globalized workforce.
    We do this by bringing together a network of the people and companies influencing and shaping how we stay healthy, happy, productive, and thriving in the workplace.

    The Global Workplace Wellness Summit is the foremost gathering of global leaders in the more than $48 billion global workplace wellness market. We aim to bring the world’s leading trends, innovations, leaders, and executives in one place to facilitate high-level dialogue on evidence-based research on workplace wellness.

    ​More Reasons ​Why You Should Attend

    • ​You need a workplace wellness overhaul
    • ​You are wondering if its time to implement a workplace wellness program
    • ​You have been tasked with creating a workplace wellness program and need support to get started
    • You are looking to establish a well-rounded wellness program that embodies everything from health and wellbeing, company culture, financial wellness, mental health, anti-bullying, travel benefits, employee engagement, creativity and innovation, productivity, ergonomics, human connection, future trends, and everything in between.
    • ​You want to know what other workplaces like yours are doing about workplace wellness
    • ​You need new strategies to bolster your workplace against the epidemic and emotional distress and mental ill health at work
    • ​You need help to make a case for workplace wellness at your workplace and you want help from those who have already done so with positive results.
    • You are looking to earn ​SHRM PDC'S Recertification Credits (You can earn up to 1 SHRM PDC's Recertification credit for every hour you attend the summit)

    ​                   Become a champion ​for advocacy of wellness in your workplace

    Explore Topics On:








    Personal Wellness Strategies

    Maintaining Balance

    Wellness Coaching Process

    Managing Chronic Disease 


    Stress and Mental Health 

    Mental Health Issues at Work

    Mental Wellness Strategies

    Power of Emotional Cleansing


    Conflict Resolution

    Anti-Bullying and Harassment

    Relational Well-being

    Conflict and Stress


    Workplace Wellness Design

    Systems that Work

    Engaging Employees

    Increasing Participation 


    Lessons from Neuroscience

    Positive Psychology & Wellness

    Resilience & Wellness

    Employee Engagement


    Creating a Culture of Wellness

    Challenges and Obstacles

    Overcoming Barriers

    Leadership Coaching

    Our 4 Tracks of Emphasis Are:

    Managing Your Wellness at Work

    Designing Viable, Inclusive, and Measurable Wellness Systems

    Increasing Employee Participation in Wellness Programs

    Learning from Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Wellness Coaching

    ​Are you ready to align with these 9 Wellness Competencies for the Workplace?

    We invite you to join us at the GWWS 2020 and be a part of the wellness competency movement of the decade!

    Travel is a key piece to any successful company, whether it’s paid time off or business travel.  The GWWS 2020 stands out with its unique take on the importance of travel for improving workplace wellness and boosting engagement with our partnership with The Travel Coach Network.


    We are all about high spirits and high vibes at the Global Workplace Wellness Summit. Get ready to energize the body, enlighten the mind, and fuel the soul with our energy breaks and fun activities. Network with thought-leaders and visionaries in the workplace wellness space worldwide and be inspired to sculpt the corporate culture that makes your workplace thrive. We share the spirit of togetherness rather than as individuals because we believe in the power of networking, collaborations, and the power of bringing together creative and innovative minds.


    Today’s workforce is prioritizing wellness now more than ever before and they are expecting companies to satisfy their wellbeing needs far beyond diet and exercise. The key is creating a wellness mindset for all.  Employees are seeking reasons to stay at a company among the vast growing options available among competition and remote work opportunities.  It’s time to step up to the plate and create a company culture that attracts and retains valuable talent while encouraging and supporting workplace wellbeing on a deeper and more effectively level.

    Gain new partnerships, relationships, exciting collaborations, business leads, and a mind filled with effective and creative ideas to implement in your workplace.  Be prepared to take your corporate wellness program to new heights and crack the code for workplace wellness.

    A Message from the Founder of GWWS and Our Host

    As founder of the integrated 9-dimensional Wellness Improvement System® (WIS®), and President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., I believe in enhancing congruence between the brain, mindset, and relationships, for a multi-prong approach to workplace wellness.

    Interpersonal Wellness Services, Inc., is a leading corporate wellness education company offering services globally.  A culmination of 23 years of providing organizational development and respectful workplace services to organizations, coupled with ongoing changing dynamics in workplaces today has led to the Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

    I believe that workplace wellness is more than running a challenge a few times a year. While programs like yoga, aerobics and gym passes are essential, we need to cater to the other life dimensions for optimal wellness.

    An integrated wellness program offers strong education focus built around core wellness competencies. I'm excited to share our core wellness competencies with you as a way to solidify your wellness program and create the mindset shift leadership and employees need for success.

    I can’t wait to meet you at the GWWS 2020!


    Joyce Odidison
    Chair and Founder Global Workplace Wellness Summit
    President, Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.


    ​*Senior Leadership
    ​*HR Professionals
    ​*Organizational Development    Professionals
    ​*Wellness Committee Members
    *​Health & Safety Professionals
    ​*Nurses, Social Workers, & Therapists
    ​*Health Care Providers
    ​*Naturopaths & Chiropractors
    ​*Health Technology

    ​*Benefit Providers
    ​*Wellness at Work Providers
    ​*Fitness & Personal Coaches
    ​*Workforce Planning Leaders
    ​*Healthcare Providers
    ​*Corporate Health & Wellness
    ​*Benefits Directors, VPs, & Managers
    ​*Health Managers & Directors
    ​*Directors of Training & Development

    ​*HR VPs, Managers, & Directors
    ​*Consultants & Vendors
    ​*Workplace Wellness *Coordinators/Facilitators
    ​*Learning & Development Experts
    ​*Travel Wellness Experts
    ​*Health Insurance
    ​*Mental Health
    ​*Sleep Experts

    ​*Banking & Financial Health Experts
    ​*Wellness Programs
    ​*Ergonomic Furniture
    ​*Workplace wellbeing equipment
    ​*Holistic Wellness 

    Summit Agenda

    November 12-13, 2020

    Wellness is a critical aspect of life both professionally and personally. The Global Workplace Wellness Summit 2020 will touch upon some of the most critical topics for workplace wellness, discuss challenges, and provide actionable strategies as we explore the future of wellness. Through keynotes, multiple breakout sessions, training sessions, and panels, this year’s agenda will touch upon all areas of holistic wellbeing.
    (keep the 4 colored blocks that say “inspiring keynotes, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and attend a live or in-person summit”)


    Engaging presentations from world class speakers including healthcare professionals, wellbeing & leadership coaches, scientists, technology and HR professionals


    Deeper dives on a variety of topics such as stress management, employee engagement, resilient leadership, wellness metrics, and wellness innovation.


    Get to know peers and our speakers through a variety of networking avenues where you can learn from each others challenges, share experiences, and collaborate on solutions.


    Learn about the latest products and services in the wellness space, from furniture built to keep people well throughout their day, to the latest in assessments and services.


    The GWWS will bring together a large and diverse group of people in the wellness sector including professionals from HR, Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Education, Institutional Researchers, and Healthcare Providers.


    This will be an excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge, share insights, and connect with other speakers in the wellness domain.  Working with us includes the additional benefit of our marketing and PR efforts.

    Speaking opportunities include presentations, panels, keynotes, and roundtables.  Please apply using the application below to further discuss your topic of interest.


    This will be an excellent opportunity to showcase your services, technologies, or products in an environment designed to give you the opportunity to connect with key decision-makers who are in a position to accelerate your growth.

    We have a limited number of sponsorships available, therefore, sponsorships are available on a first come, first served basis. We look forward to your participation and sponsorship!


    We will be bringing experts from a variety of fields including, coaching, conflict management, well-being, change management, and health.

    Dr. Bill Howatt

    Keynote Speaker - Behavioral Scientist

    Margaret Moore

    Founder of Wellcoaches Corporation

    Paul Osincup

    TEDx Speaker & Positive Workplace Strategist


    "I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Workplace Wellness Conference and feel I can use the learnings immediately."

    - 2018 Global Workplace Wellness Summit Attendee

    Credits Available for Summit

    Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. The Global Workplace Wellness Summit offers PDCs options for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® 

    You can earn up to 1 SHRM PDC's Recertification credit for every hour you attend the summit

    "The speakers were amazing. I learned a lot, gained valuable insights, and look forward to the upcoming webinars and summits for such an important topic - thank you!"

    - 2018 Global Workplace Wellness Summit Attendee

    2018 Summit Highlights

    Hosted at the College of San Mateo, attendees experienced actionable insights and inspiration from experts across the fields of wellness, leadership, and workplace culture.