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DR. Lawrence C. Loh, MD, MPH, FCFP, FRCPC, FACPM


Promoting Inclusive Wellness Competencies in Workplaces Everywhere!

Making a Workplace Where You Experience Diversity, Inclusion, Psychological and Physical Safety. 

Join us to rebuild, rethink and revive your workplace!

With inclusion, diversity and psychological safety at the top of the agenda.

The businesses that come out on top after the global pandemic will be the ones that adapt to the new conditions and the changing worldviews that impact their workforce. There has never been a more important time to focus on the future and develop a comprehensive and inclusive approach to changing workplace wellness needs with an easy-to-understand system for success.

Join the 4th annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit and learn how to make workplace wellness an inclusive, holistic investment in your most valuable asset, your employees.

Explore how the nine wellness competencies can improve engagement in your workplace.

Promoting wellness with the nine dimensions of wellness in Life and Work.

Key Global Workplace Well-being Committees Featured in the 2021 Summit:

Bring your employees together for a one of a kind global perspective on well-being at work.

The 2021 GWWS offers an opportunity to rekindle workplace health and well-being conversations and create a wellness mindset community at work, necessary to rebuild a smarter more inclusive and dynamic workforce.


Be the voice of your organization and showcase your knowledge, share insights and connect with other speakers in the wellness domain.

An excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge, share insights, and connect with other speakers in the wellness domain. 

Working with us includes the additional benefit of our expert marketing and PR efforts.

Speaking opportunities include: 

  • presentations
  • panels 
  • keynotes
  • roundtables 

Please apply using the application below to further discuss your topic of interest.


Showcase your services, technologies, or products in an environment designed to connect you with key decision-makers and potential ambassadors for your brand.

Sponsorship packages for the summit are limited and only available on a first come, first served basis.

We look forward to your participation and sponsorship!

GWWS offers Professional Development and Recertification Credits for SHRM, ICF, NBHWC, and Wellness Works Canada.

Recertification credits will only be available for those on a paid package and only upon proof of attending more than 6 hours of summit sessions. We offer 6 credit hours per day. You will be provided with written instructions on how to claim recertification credits upon registration.

The GWWS will bring together a large and diverse group of people in the wellness sector including professionals from HR, Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Education, Institutional Researchers, and Healthcare Providers. We hope to see you there.

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