Speaker's Corner

Here is everything you need for a smooth speaker experience with the Global Workplace Wellness Summit

Speakers Checklist

  • 1. Send us your speech outline using this format Link:

2. Attend a speaker orientation session for all speakers on Nov 4th at 6:00 am CST Click here to register

3. Sign the speaker's agreement giving us permission to feature you on the summit website. Click to Download 

4. Review the Summit agenda here. Final agenda will be here 

5. Send us your bio and headshot (a professional headshot please so you look great on the website and promo materials 😊)

6. Connect with us on social media Summit pages below

7. Like and share our social media with your audience (we have great designs) Here are some posts you can share  Click to Download

8. Be Featured: Send us an outline for an article for Faces of Wellness Magazine if we like it will be approved for an upcoming issue.  The topics need to focus on wellness at work.

9. Book your workplace wellness forum interview with Joyce for the summit promotion package Click to book now

Steps to Help Market Your Presentation at the Summit

Share Faces of Wellness Magazine with your network: https://interpersonalwellness.com/thefaceofworkplacewellness/

Share your interview your network

Share this e-mail with your list: 

Subject: I Have to Tell You About This…

Dear ___________,

Every year I speak at several events, but often one stands out as special. That’s why I’m telling you about the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, happening November 8-10, 2021. It's going to be one of those special events.

The Summit is created with the whole organization in mind including elements for leadership, employees, and overall well-being. Here are key elements that make me want to share this Summit with you:

  • It has a global focus- remembering the lessons learned from the global pandemic that our health on this planet is a global issue
  • It has an evening agenda to accommodate different time zones and shift work employees who often misses out
  • You can customize your member pass to suit your workplace needs and the size of your team and request your own corporate tables or section for your employees, making it truly workplace friendly, allowing employees to see and interact with each other
  • It showcases the connection between DEI, psychological safety and workplace wellness

The Summit is hosted by Joyce Odidison of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., Joyce is a Thought Leader on wellness at work, author of six books and has over 24 years of experience working with organizations to foster safe and healthy workplaces for their leaders and employees.

This is the 4th annual Summit with a reputation of bringing together great speakers. I hope you can join me at the Summit this year. Go here to learn more: https://globalworkplacewellnesssummit.com/

To Your Wellness

Short tweets to share with your audience:

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            #GWWS #globalworkplacewellnesssummit #workplacewellnesssummit

PowerPoint Deck and zoom background

Download the PowerPoint deck here

Get Exposure Beyond the Summit

Add a handout to the summit swag bag. As a speaker you can add handouts, lead magnet, e-books or reports to the summit swag bag that we will share with all participants.

Please e-mail your summit swag to for packaging.

Join us for the speakers VIP Reception. RSVP You VIP attendance by Nov 4th