Wellness Summit

race relations – ADDRESSING systemic

racism at work!

November 10, 2020

Creating a Wellness Mindset to Eradicate Systemic Racism at Work.

  Systemic Racism Have Been A Barrier to Equitable Health and Wellness and a Hindrance to Diverse Populations Participating in Wellness at Work

Explore The Impact of Systemic Racism on The Workplace Wellness Experience of Racialized Employees and Develop Solutions to address Them.

Highlighting key experts in the field and how they view Race as a barrier to Workplace Well-being for certain groups. Keynote: Joyce Odidison, Explore Race as a Barrier to Wellness and examine solutions to eradicate the barriers of Systemic Racism and Foster Relational Well-being at Work

November 10, 2020

Joyce Odidison

Alex Ihama

Phyllis Haynes

Andrew E. Guy

Sandi Boucher

Patience Hemenway

Ben Akoh

Yonason Goldson

Ally Nathaniel

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