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 Get the 2021 Global Workplace Wellness Summit Recording for any of the three days of training with more than fifty speakers.

Get The Summit Recording for your organization. Recording will give license to stream the Summit in your organization for employees for one year. 

DAY 1 Summit Recording Package

Day 1 of the Summit focused on Spiritual Wellness and Trust, DEI and Well-being, and Leadership strategies to promote well-being at work. It also highlighted the Leadership Charter presentation by Wellness Works Canada

DAY 2 Summit VIP Upgrade & Recording Package

Day 2 of the Summit featured Emotional Wellness, Workplace Wellness Strategies, Mental Health Policy Design, Financial Wellness, and Wellness Coaching Strategies for Workplaces

DAY 3 Summit VIP Upgrade & Recording Package

Day 3 of the Summit focused on Interpersonal Resilience and DEI Conflict Management, Happiness at Work, Designing and Maintaining Healthy Workspaces, Diverse & Inclusive Mental Health and Stigmas, and Inclusive Workplace Wellness Facilitator Training

Get The Full Summit VIP Upgrade & Recording!

Want the recording for the entire Summit? Get all three days in a bundle and add to your library.

Each package includes a dedicated password protected online account with access to all the recordings for that day, including one year access to the amazing 2020 Summit recordings, and 1 year’s print subscription of Faces of Workplace Wellness magazine.

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