How to create a Workplace Wellness System Without the Stress and Overwhelm – Webinar


Sep 01

The 2018 SHRM survey report showed that almost 80% of employers are planning to invest in some form of workplace wellness initiative in the next year. For those of us who champion workplace wellness, this is great news but for many leaders in organization, this may look like more work, higher cost and another set of meetings to attend.

Join Joyce Odidison, MA, PCC, CTDP, Canada’s leading Interpersonal and Workplace Wellness Expert to explore the nine-step process to creating a workplace wellness program using the tools and resources you already have in your organization. Joyce has been working with organizations to build some key foundations to interpersonal wellness and will share how this strategy can save you time, stress, overwhelm, and money in developing your workplace wellness system.

This webinar will be packed with learning tools and resources, so you can walk away with a strategy to begin creating your own workplace wellness system.

If you are looking to improve wellness at work by upgrading your current program, or even creating a workplace wellness system, this is a must attend webinar. Register here

To Your Wellness


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