December 15

Impact of Emotions on Workplaces


Emotions at Work

A key focus of the virtual summit happening this winter 2019 is a look at emotional turmoil and toxic emotions at work.

Studies show that many diseases are exacerbated by unhealthy emotions, thoughts, and feelings. The virtual summit will feature the 30-Day Emotional Wellness Cleanse Masterclass with Joyce Odidison, workplace wellness expert, to help leaders better understand the negative impact of toxic emotions at work on their bottom line.

This masterclass is available to all paid tracks and will be featuring some key elements to counteract negative and toxic emotions at work, as well as ways to foster healthy emotions to rewire the workplace culture from negative to positive.

No matter the size of your organization, the toxicity of your employees can have a huge impact. Learn how you can improve emotional wellness at work at the summit on February 19-22nd, 2019.

To Your Wellness


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