October 20

Is Workplace Wellness The Answer?


Finding New Ways to Have Impact at Work That Can Transform Our World.

For the first time in history, the decision to open or close our businesses hinges on the health and wellness of our community and our employees. Workplace wellness is no longer a nice to have. It is a necessity for all workplaces.

Every employee needs to know that their employer cares about their health and wellness. Employers of every size need to rethink their approach to workplace wellness.

Workplace wellness is the opportunity to create a culture at work where every employee has access to information, education, tools, and resources to improve and maintain a lifestyle that is conducive to their health and wellness. This may look different depending on the culture of your workplace, the realities, and logistics of the workplace, and the needs of your employees.

At Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., we promote workplace wellness education and coaching based on the holistic Wellness Improvement System® (WIS) that helps employees develop a wellness mindset and build key wellness competencies that promote a sustainable wellness practice; both at work and in life. We teach and coach to build wellness competencies and create a wellness mindset based on the WIS ® framework, to promote a nine-dimensional approach to wellness. (See diagram below).

The WIS® model purports nine dimensions of wellness and core key life elements we need to continuously improve to stay well. 

If you have ever laid awake at night concerned about the state of your health, wondering if you were facing a mental health episode. Ever felt guilty that your actions and choices are ruining your health. Felt anxious that you may be having a heart attack or stroke brought on by work stress, then you will appreciate a simple wellness roadmap that will help you assess and adhere to on your wellness journey.

The model purports nine dimensions of wellness and the key life areas we need to continuously improve to stay well. If you have ever laid awake at night wondering about your health profile and if you were losing your mind or ruining your health, having a heart attack or stroke, then you will appreciate a simple roadmap that you can check off on your wellness journey.

Not only do we teach a wellness mindset shift by orienting employees to a broader scope of wellness, but we also teach them nine wellness competencies they have the ability to develop as they pursue their health and wellness goals; both personally and professionally.

Developing a workplace wellness program is not what helps employees become and stay well at work. We need to shift mindset in the corporate community. The pursuit of a workplace wellness culture is the real solution. Culture is pervasive by its very nature and will impact everyone at a social, emotional, and subconscious level. Wellness programs on the other hand sends the message that health and wellness is a choice and employees can choose to not participate or engage in these activities. This is the wrong message and its costing many employees their health and their lives.

There has been a sharp rise in heart disease, mental health disease, strokes and cancers in employees and mid-career professionals that is not being discussed. It is surprising to read the statistics but even more shocking when its occurs in your professional network. I personally know of more than a dozen mid-career professionals that have been struck down with either of these diseases both in my client organizations and in my personal network.

Sending the right message is crucial. Creating a culture where we are encouraged to take actions to improve our wellness even when it isn't popular is crucial to save lives.

Every organization has the capacity to create their own form of workplace wellness culture. It doesn’t cost anything to change your mind or to encourage employees to build wellness competencies, nor is it too hard to consider all the dimensions of wellness in your decision-making at work. Some things take money and budget, but not all do.

For those employers without a health and wellness budget, the annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit offers an opportunity to support their employees’ well-being by giving them time off to attend a summit session, by streaming a session in their lunchroom for employees to learn together. All for free.

Our aim at the Global Workplace Wellness Summit is to provide organizations with a place to get affordable wellness solutions on a budget.

This year we are offering back stage passes to organizations and attendees who register before October 31, 2020, so they can interact with the speakers and get personal coaching or have their questions answered live. Click this link to register.

To Your Wellness

Joyce Odidison


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