Become A Wellness Ambassador

Join a Wellness Committee

Do you have a passion to contribute to the health and wellness needs of organizations in a particular area?

The Global Workplace Wellness community would like to collaborate with you. Our committee members will be considered our speakers and presenters wherever possible.

They will work with us to develop a training piece around their offering for the organizations who will join us at the 2021 summit.

We are accepting applications to be a wellness committees/ambassadors on one of the following wellness committees:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Well-being 
  • Relationship, Conflict Communication and Well-being 
  • Work Life Balance & Interdependence 
  • Workplace Wellness Environments
  • Employee Learning Wellness Program & Design
  • Leadership, Engagement and Well-being 
  • Neuroscience Mental Health and Emotional Wellness
  • Resilience, Selfcare, Happiness, and Personal Wellness 
  • Financial Wellness and Innovation at Work
  • Employee Assistance, Benefits and Corporate Integrity 
  • Workplace Wellness trends and innovation in Africa 
  • Workplace Wellness trends and innovations in the Caribbean 

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