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Hi, I am Joyce Odidison. Let me tell you how the Global Workplace Wellness Summit came about and why I am so passionate about making our programming available to more organizations and employees.  

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Why I Created the Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

As a Conflict Analyst, Coach and Organizational Development Consultant, my job was to help organizations address the difficult and challenging issues and interpersonal conflicts that arose in their teams and departments. This included dealing with harassment, bullying and other systems conflicts.

I started noticing a lot of the mid-career professionals I worked with were dealing with chronic diseases and illnesses that were related to their workplace conflicts or harassment complaints.

Later, when a client had a heart attack in my office and another client had a stroke, I felt compelled to help them see how they might take steps to stay well despite the current stresses they were facing.

This led to me creating Interpersonal Wellness and Wellness Improvement System® (WIS), to help my clients see their wellness as a path to being healthy and to show them multiple paths to staying well, despite what they were facing at work.

Since then, I have created the wellness assessment wellness improvement to provide a roadmap for clients to take action, and help them quantify their level of wellness.

I have also designed several workshops, keynotes and seminars creating a whole system wellness focus, inside and outside organizations. After twenty-three years of providing this level of support to our clients,I felt compelled to serve on a larger forum. 

This gave birth to the Global Workplace Wellness Summit. We started with a live summit in San Mateo, California and has since successfully ran three virtual summits.

The summits are getting better and more effective as we grow. You see the back story to why I was able to create the WIS model and programs go back much further to my childhood.

Frequently hospitalized with a series of mysterious illnesses, and a string of food allergies and intolerance in my childhood meant that I was often left out, or sitting on the sidelines observing the interaction of my friends as they played and interacted.

This was my early education on human interpersonal and conflict dynamics, which today lends to my success as a Conflict Analyst and Interpersonal Wellness Expert and Coach, giving me a unique ability to quickly analyze and resolve conflicts with individuals and groups for the past 25 years.

I had several surgeries including removing one kidney and adrenaline gland when I was only 21 years old. Allowing me to become resilient.

Resilience is now the core of my signature nine-dimensional life Wellness Improvement System® (WIS), a holistic resilience and well-being, competency-based training framework that I now train and certify others to use globally.

Today, I help mid-career professionals develop their own six-figure wellness business alongside me, working with organizations and groups to teach and coach the Wellness Improvement System programs and tools.

Are you a brilliant professional who has something to offer the global workplace community? If so, join me as a partner or presenter at the Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

This is an opportunity to show case yourself in this field and build your resume as a presenter to this market. Our attendees are organizational leaders and human resources professionals.

To Your Wellness

Joyce Odidison

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