The Global Workplace Wellness Summit Story

Hi, I am Joyce Odidison. Let me tell you how the Global Workplace Wellness Summit came about and why I am so passionate about making our programming available to more organizations and employees.  

For 23 years, I have worked with organizations and busy professionals to help manage conflicts, boost communication and create respectful workplaces. I have worked in unionized and none union workplaces, private and public institutions across industries and came away knowing more needs to be done.

I have come to learn that change is not automatic and by taking micro improvement steps we can boost resilience and develop a wellness competency mindset to thrive at work.

My commitment to this work came from witnessing the hurt, pain, disappointments and frustration of employees at every level in the organization.

It has been proven that we cannot attain change with the old mindset, nor can we sustain change without developing new competencies. We also cannot heal our workplaces until we ourselves are well.

Why I Created the Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

As a Conflict Analyst, Coach and Organizational Development Consultant, my job was to help organizations address the difficult and challenging issues and interpersonal conflicts that arose in their teams and departments. This included dealing with harassment, bullying and other systems conflicts.

I started noticing many mid-career professionals had developed chronic diseases and illnesses that were related to workplace stress and conflicts.

Later, when a client had a heart attack in my office and another client had a stroke, I felt compelled to change my approach.

This led to me creating Interpersonal Wellness and Wellness Improvement System® (WIS), and the assessment to help my clients view their wellness as a path to great health. 

As we continue to grow and reach others, I had the idea of creating something bigger than me. This gave birth to the Global Workplace Wellness Summit. We started with a live summit in San Mateo, California and has since successfully ran three virtual summits.

What To Expect in San Mateo

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit will afford you an opportunity to experience the  wellness competency mindset in its fullest.

Nestled in the beautiful Silicon Valley, the College grounds are stunning and offers the kind of getaway needed to reflect on wellness at work.

Our speakers will be coming from several countries with different world views and perspectives on wellness. The Summit will provide common ground for those who want to take micro improvement steps daily to reach their wellness goals at work and in life.

Are you tired of seeing colleagues become ill? Struck with mental illnesses, chronic diseases and cancers that robs them of their vigour, passion, and career aspirations?

  • Do you make decisions about what wellness should look like at work?
  • Do you execute on the wellness mandates of your organization?  

All of us has a role to play in ensuring others have an opportunity to develop wellness mindset shift and adopt competencies to sustain a full and well life.

Do you feel called to be part of the wellness competency mindset revolution? Join my team as a partner, sponsor, presenter or attendee at the Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

Meet Our Team

  • ​Founder and Chair - Joyce Odidison
  • Summit Coordinator and Assistant Director - Sahara Rose De Vore
  • Onsite Representative - Jonathan Bissell
  • Education Coordinator - Laura Kusko
  • Website Manager - Alexis Schomer
  • Social Media Marketing - Ashley Vipond
  • Instagram Manager- Sophie Latham
  • Project Manager- Tatum Skipper
  • Project Manager- Aarti Santosh

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To Your Wellness

Joyce Odidison

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