December 27

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The World’s Most Comprehensive Workplace Wellness events in the form of live and virtual summits.

Providing evidenced-based content, high value masterclasses, networking opportunities, and webinars both online and in-person, accessible from anywhere in the world.  

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit is poised to deliver its ground-breaking virtual summit this February 19th to 22nd, 2019, with speakers from several continents and time zones. A key focus of this virtual summit in winter 2019 is addressing toxic emotions at work. To do this, the summit is offering the 30-Day Emotional Cleanse Masterclass to help leaders better understand the permeability and impact of emotions in the workplace.

The summit is aiming to be the most comprehensive virtual summit on workplace wellness that will allow many workplaces to build their workplace wellness libraries with high value learning content. The Summit provides multiple ways for organizations globally to gain access to experts from around the world and merge ideas that will create effective and sustainable wellness programs so people can thrive at work; and employers can reduce the high cost of employee ill health.

While most workplace wellness programs offer support in the physical life dimension, they miss the opportunity to change their employees’ mindsets and behaviors to create lasting change. Thus, a high percentage of workplace wellness programs are ineffective and fail to produce a measurable Return-on-Investment for the employees or the organization.

Partnership and Sponsors

There are many opportunities to partner with or sponsor the global workplace wellness summits. The summit information goes to over 5000 organization leaders across the globe and is set to do more this year with its new affiliate program. For sponsorship and ticket information, and to learn more about this event, visit

About GWWS: The Global Workplace Wellness Summit offers the world’s most comprehensive content on the subject of workplace wellness. The upcoming virtual summit starts on February 19, 2019 to February 22nd, 2019 and will be featuring speakers from around the globe. The Summit attracts organizational leaders, educators, human resources professionals, health care professionals and community wellness and disease prevention advocates. The live Summit will take place on the beautiful grounds of the San Mateo College in the heart of the Silicon Valley, November 7th – 8th, 2019. To learn more about the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, visit Media contact: Joyce Odidison @ 877 999-9591.



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