September 10

Prioritizing Workplace Wellness – The Need of the Time


There has been an immense buzz around workplace wellness in these last few months and very rightly so. The extent of disruption brought about by the global pandemic has caused a historic rise in anxiety, depression, stress among employees – putting in great jeopardy their health and well-being. Organizations around the world are rising to address these challenges as they begin to realize that managing employees’ wellness is no longer a choice, but the need of the time.

Here’s why addressing the need for workplace wellness for employees and rethinking it in light of the current realities remains critical for any organization.

Re-building socio-emotional health

As employees adapted to the new reality and underwent sudden routine changes such as remote working and limitations to interaction with people and environment, their mental and physical health took a serious toll. Facilitating and supporting them to manage their well-being and overcome the effects of the pandemic will help them recover faster.

Helping employees transition back

The value of prioritizing well-being and providing valuable support to employees as they return to their workplace after a great period of stress and uncertainty cannot be understated. Providing avenues to improve their well-being will help them smoothly transition back to work and will foster a workplace environment where employees can thrive.

Driving organizational performance

A culture conducive to the health and well-being of its workers automatically translates into increased productivity, creativity, and mindfulness and helps reduces absenteeism. In essence, investing in employees’ wellness drives organizational performance – a challenge that companies are facing now more than ever.

Committed to Workplace Wellness: Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.

At Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., we are passionate about providing ground-breaking organizational development workplace wellness programs, training, and consulting. With more than 23 years’ experience, we bring to the table the best practices to help organizations effectively manage wellness and well-being challenges of today’s time. Our non-conventional, interactive, and diverse, workplace wellness education program is designed to help meet today’s workplace wellness needs. This includes our signature event the Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

Our Solution: Global Workplace Wellness Summit

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit offers a place for organizations to gather relevant information, tools, and resources to promote mental health, foster healthy interpersonal communication, gain resilience and self-care tips, learn strategies to improve equity and diversity at work. The summit feature more than 35 speakers from several countries who will be sharing their wisdom with our attendees.

The summit focus is ‘Developing Wellness Mindset Competencies at Work’ and has been tailor-made to help organizations address a wide variety of employee wellness challenges, particularly those that have emerged due to COVID-19. The exciting 4-day summit will host a dynamic panel of speakers comprising of educators, researchers and practitioners – leading experts in their fields – who will provide practical strategies and solutions to enhance workplace wellness in changing times.

The key to achieving workplace wellness lies in facilitating a sustainable and holistic employee wellness program – one that is adapted to the current realities of our time and provides meaningful impact. I hope you will join us at the summit this year. You can pick-up your tickets here:


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