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Be ready for whatever comes next with Apollo.

New technology that feels familiar. The Apollo wearable device harnesses your body’s natural response to touch to help you bounce back from stress. Apollo’s rhythmic waves work fast to give you control over stress right at the moment you need it, so you can tackle whatever comes next. Goal-based modes as unique as you. With the Apollo app, you have the power to choose how you want to feel. Like the perfect song, a deep breath or a comforting hug, Apollo modes work naturally with your body to help you beat stress to unlock clear focus, better sleep and more.

Improve your resilience to stress with Apollo

Stress impacts our bodies and minds in countless ways. Having trouble sleeping? How’s your energy and focus? Apollo is here for you.

Apollo’s scientifically validated technology uses gentle vibrations to improve your resilience to stress, so you can get to sleep, focus, recover, and more.
Apollo is proven to improve HRV and restore balance to the nervous system, giving you control over stress.
The mobile app features seven modes so you can choose how you want to feel, with customizable settings for duration and intensity of the experience.


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