Host a Roundtable

Do you have a workplace wellness program that you are proud of? What can others learn from you? The Global Workplace Wellness Summit (GWWS) organizes international roundtables to generate a forum for conversation, and to inspire the action, on the most relevant issues within the workplace wellness industry

Join other successful leaders in the field and hosting your own Workplace Wellness Roundtable in the comfortable surroundings of your own organization and share what you have been doing to promote wellness at work.

Host a Roundtable at your organization for the chance to win one of our prestigious Global Workplace Wellness Award 2018 for your organization. Practice with your peers for the opportunity to showcase both - your team's challenges and successes.

Arrange just ONE meeting with a similar organization with the aim of sharing good practice.

  • We will provide you the questions of our standard framework.
  • Simply document your discussions and post them on this forum. Its that easy!
  • The ROUNDTABLE sessions are free for all attendees who want to actively participate, share, and learn about promoting wellness within workplaces.
  • Attendees will evaluate and may later also nominate hosts and presenters for the annual Workplace Wellness Award 2018

Our Theme is: Staying Well at Work

If you are interested in organizing a roundtable in conjunction with the Global Workplace Wellness Institute, please click on this link to learn more.