Speaker's Corner

Here is everything you need for a smooth speaker experience with the Global Workplace Wellness Summit

Speakers Checklist

Here are the steps you must follow to become a speaker:

1. Apply to speak

2. Attend a speaker orientation (or meet with Joyce Odidison) - thrill us with your awesome energy and get confirmed as a speaker.

3. Sign the speaker's agreement giving us permission to feature you on the summit website

4. Receive a speaker's confirmation time and date to present at the summit

5. Complete the request to speak form

6. Download the speakers agreement

Steps to Follow After You Become a Speaker

7. Send us your bio and headshot

8. Connect with us on social media, (at the bottom of this page) See how we will be showcasing you our speakers

9. Receive e-mails and press release announcement for your website, newsletter, and social media posts

10. Book your workplace wellness forum interview with Joyce for the summit promotion package Click to book now

11. Request to feature your product or service in the Summit Marketplace

Steps to Help Market Your Presentation at the Summit

12. Share your video on social media and to your network

13. Send out the e-mail template to your list and ask them to invite a guest to the summit.

14. Share the weekly summit marketing with your network

15. Your speaking time is 45-50 minutes for virtual summits, and 90 minutes for in-person presentations 

16. Like and share our social media posts

17. Add a handout to the summit swag bag. As a speaker you can add handouts, lead magnet, e-books or reports to the summit swag bag that we will share with all participants.  Please e-mail your summit swag to amina@interpersonalwellness.com for packaging

18. Join us for the speakers reception on zoom. Please RSVP to amina@interpersonalwellness.com

GWWS 2020

Official Summit Approved Social Media Comments to be Shared

a. I'm speaking at the Global Workplace Wellness Summit. Join me here

b. The summit provides everything you need to adjust your workplace wellness program in response to covid-19.

c. Learn how systemic racism can derail your workplace wellness efforts

d. Exploring the most current social issues of our time and how they affect us at work

e. Get the inside scoop on one of the top 10 health and wellness conferences in 2020

f. Get 100% off your Global Workplace Wellness Summit registration with this link.

Our Hashtags are: 

    • #GWWS
    • #globalworkplacewellnesssummit
    • #workplacewellnesssummit

Steps To Help With Your Presentation

15. Download the summit PowerPoint slide deck

16. Deliver an awesome session live at the Summit

17. Attend the speakers thank you reception, network and meet all the awesome speakers


Thank you for your interest in the global workplace wellness summit, your participation makes it what it is today.