On November 8 – 10, 2021 

Join thousands of leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, and professionals from around the world at the digital event dedicated to building smarter inclusive workplaces for everyone at work. 

Recharge your workforce and rekindle a community of well-being at work.

Who is Attending?
  • Organizational leaders, human resource professionals, C-Suite executives, wellness directors, team leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, team leaders and professionals looking to improve well-being in the workplace, wellness practitioners.
Why Should I Attend?
  • The 2021 Summit will provide a corporate wellness community atmosphere for leaders and employees. A way to build common language and awareness.
  • Expert presentations, insights, ideas, and best practices and global trends.
  • Strategies to promote diversity inclusion and well-being at work.
  • Learn about the leadership charter and support for leaders to promote health and performance at work.
  • A framework to instill a wellness mindset and new health and wellness behaviours at work.
  • Strategies and ideas you can implement at work immediately.
  • A powerful networking opportunity to connect with like minded professionals around the globe.

Join us to promote well-being in workplaces around the globe.

Become a global workplace well-being member and champion.

Showcase your brand at the 2021 Global Workplace Wellness Summit and the Faces of Workplace Wellness Magazine.