The Rise in Illnesses and Diseases


Aug 06

Despite advances in modern medicine and technology, human emotional, interpersonal, and mental wellness continues to deteriorate, making depression the highest cause of workplace disability around the globe.

Many of the illnesses and diseases faced by people in the workforce has a direct correlation to their work environment. Since we spend most of our waking hours at work, we are much more vulnerable to workplace culture than we are aware.

The goal of GWWS is to make available, cost saving strategies to boost workplace wellness, making it possible for more organizations globally, to implement a plan for wellness at work. As a sponsor or exhibitor, you will become associated with the GWWS movement. You will also be provided with unprecedented opportunities to connect with participants, and to showcase your organization, and receive local and global exposure to your services, products, or causes everywhere the Summit is marketed, should you desire.

Each of our speakers will be promoting the summit to their various networks on social media and on to their mailing list. This will put you in front of more than 100,000 potential new contacts globally, who already know and trust our speakers.

You will also have first refusal to be showcased as a sponsor in all, or any of the upcoming GWWS events outlined below:

  • GWWS Winter Online Summit - February 2019
  • GWWS Spring Speakers Summit – May 2019
  • GWWS Asian Summit – July 2019
  • GWWS North American Summit – November 2019

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit (GWWWS) offers a wide array of sponsorship opportunities, from the exclusive tote bag, to Sponsored Knowledge Workshops, Registration, and Reception. Early registration is encouraged for maximum exposure as we market.

If you are looking to be noticed in the world of workplace wellness, then the GWWS is a great place to hangout.

To Your Wellness

Joyce Odidison,

Chair of the 2018 GWWS

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