The Most Comprehensive Workplace Wellness Annual Plans for Small and Medium Size Businesses

We Cover Every Topic with Experts From Around the Globe

Topics Covered:

  • Designing Wellness Systems for Engagement at Work
  • Self-Mastery and Workplace Wellness
  • Travel Health and Wellness
  • Engagement for Workplace Productivity Forum
  • Professional Self-Esteem – How to find and Redevelop Self-Esteem After Career Upset
  • The Key to Avoiding Burnout? Meditation

Amazing Bonus

The Bonuses Package includes:

  • The 90 day Resilience building Framework
  • The Wellness Competency at work E-course
  • The Interpersonal Wellness Audit - Assess Relationship Health
  • The Wellness improvement system E-book
  • The Dis-ease Stress Release mastermind session Pass (plus 1 free pass for a friend)
  • Cloud-based private member portal
  • 12 month All Access Pass to all Summit Session recordings and handouts.

Featured Speakers

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