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Conflict Analyst, Though Leader, Speaker, Author, Coach

JOYCE ODIDISON  //  Founder, Global Workplace Wellness Summit & Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.

Joyce Odidison, MA, PCC, CTDP, President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., is a Conflict Analyst, Leadership Coach, Mediator, Author , who has 22 years experience in Organizational Development. Joyce specializes in Workplace Interpersonal Wellness and Leadership Coaching. She developed an internationally recognized (ICF) coach training certification program that has certified coaches in many leading organizations across the globe. Joyce is founder of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, the worlds most comprehensive live and virtual summits on workplace wellness. As the author of five books, Joyce brings a depth of knowledge, experience and skills to the subject matter that will expand your thinking and build your skills in the topic areas. Learning with Joyce is often described as fun, lively, interactive, insightful, and engaging.

Joyce uses her signature nine-dimensional Wellness Improvement System® (WIS), a framework that integrates left and right brain, mindset, and relationships, in her work with organizations and teams through difficult changes and conflicts, to improve the work dynamics, and build trusting, resilient relationships that fosters workplace wellness. 

Author, Thought Leader, Psychologist, Coach

KATHRYN McEwen  //  Resilience Expert

Kathryn McEwen is recognized internationally as a thought leader in workplace resilience.  Her passion is in coaching people to thrive in workplaces that are turbulent, complex and pressurised.  She has used her extensive skills and experience as an organisational psychologist, coach, manager and mediator to pioneer development of the Resilience at Work (R@W) Toolkit, a World-first systemic and evidence-based approach to building personal, team and leader resilience at work.  The measures underlying this approach are used extensively, cross-culturally, in workplace resilience research.

Kathryn has authored three books on this topic entitled Building Resilience at Work; Building Your Resilience:  How to Thrive in a Challenging Job and Building Team Resilience.  Based in South Australia, she leads Working With Resilience, a global consortium of researchers and practitioners working to support people in creating sustainable performance at work.

Her work has been recognized by the Australian Psychological Society who awarded the status of ‘Fellow’ for her contribution to psychology. 

International Coach & Speaker

ANITA GHOSAL //  Founder of Liberate Me

Anita creates an environment where the participants feel safe, vulnerable and that creates trust almost immediately. It is a down to earth, real and authentic style where she brings the audience on a journey with her. There will always be a big shift from when the audience started to when they leave. Anita offers a beautiful ability to elegantly challenge commonly held thoughts or beliefs to create real A’ha moments and the ability for everyone to take ownership.

She says things that MOST DO NOT DARE TO SAY, and things that the audience might not want to hear but that are necessary to face in order to become the man and woman they want to become. 

Not to shock, but to serve the audience and the client to reach the desired end goal.

Anita will take the audience and everyone down the darkest or most challenging paths and from there walk out into the light with them. Anita speaks to make a difference and I create real and lasting transformation. Anitas’ speeches are profound in parts and, humorous, emotional, inspirational and motivational in other parts. At the heart is creation of real shifts from the inside out – each individual listener feel they are having a personal journey, and that lights up my soul”.

Speaker and Author

 DR. LYNN MIGDAL // Founder, Looking Up

Dr. Lynn Migdal is an author and international keynote speaker and workshop leader dedicated to family wellness, holistic neurology, PTSD, Resiliency, Natural Immunity and enlightened grief healing. Her programs “From Grief to Gratitude”, “Breathe for Success” and “The Art of Your Flow”, incorporate the most cutting-edge Natural techniques for grief, loss. abuse, trauma, weight loss, and Strengthening  Natural Immunity.

Having experienced the loss of her husband, two daughters and two homes in an unexpected and catastrophic mudslide in Canada, Dr. Lynn is a professional and personal expert in the management and flow of the great stress of change. She has adopted specific tools to help her clients adapt, overcome and recover, in spite of adversity. She teaches Neurological Recovery and Resiliency techniques that help individuals and businesses to stay strong before, during and after possible disasters.  Her latest book, Breath for Success: Harnessing the Power of Flow will be out in the summer of 2019.

She is the founder of Looking Up—a movement and non-profit organization dedicated to children and adults living healthy, peaceful and posture-friendly lives in a high-tech world.  She earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic at New York Chiropractic College and her bachelor’s degree from CUNY’s Brooklyn College. She is a professional breath dance instructor and therapeutic breath coach.  Her books include Wind Kissed, The Women’s Natural Guidebook and Eternal Love Connections: An Enlightening Grief Journey Hand book.

Sleep Coach, Speaker and Author

BEATRIX A. SCHMIDT //  Founder of the Sleep Deep Method

Beatrix A Schmidt is a sleep coach, author of The Sleep Deep Method, speaker and workshop leader committed to helping individuals overcome insomnia and other sleep problems caused by lifestyle choices.
Having struggled with insomnia and burning herself out in her mid twenties, she has spent the last 10 years researching sleep and the wider context of our lifestyles. Her own methodology, The Sleep Deep Method, is built around the understanding that sleep is a skill that can be developed, by anyone and at any time of life. But in order for us to sleep well at night, we need to look much deeper than just how tired we are. Alongside her client and corporate work, Beatrix is a delegate of the World Sleep Day, focusing on raising
awareness of the issues surrounding sleep problems.

As a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine she continues her research, learning and development in the field. With her diverse background in business strategy, private healthcare and alternative therapies, Beatrix successfully advises companies  internationally on designing and implementing well being strategies linked to insomnia and sleep issues in the workplace to increase employee retention rates, reduce
absenteeism and sickness.

Speaker and Image Consultant

PASHA COOK //  Image Consultant

Pasha Cook is a former University of Memphis basketball player, Pasha learned the importance of transferring her on the court skills, off the court, when she suffered a career-ending injury that left her depressed and confused about her career. She decided to combine her experience as an athlete, an educator, and a fashion professional to launch a branding agency that works with minority athletes and entrepreneurs.

In 2018, Pasha made history by becoming the first female college outreach ambassador for the National Football League.  Pasha has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, Houston Business Journal, Huffington Post, and on MSNBC.

Pasha is the founder of Pasha Cook & Associates, an International image and branding consulting agency which educates professional athletes and executive entrepreneurs on how to maintain professional growth, impact more people and expand their careers.

Speaker, Author, and Thought Leader

SARAH DEANE //  Founder of EffectUX, creator of

Sarah Deane is the Founder of EffectUX, the creator of The Leadership Quotient and, most recently, of The Energy Management Quotient -- a research-based system that rapidly and accurately pinpoints de-energizing behaviors and transforms them into positively energizing habits. Sarah uses her background in A.I., experience design, and human behavior to help brands deliver positive customer and employee experiences and to cultivate positively energizing behaviors, enabling higher levels of satisfaction, engagement and productivity.  As a thought leader, she has traveled the globe leading customer experience and employee engagement strategies for Fortune 500s and startups alike. 

Sarah holds a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. As a writer and speaker, she published her User Experience primer 4HourUX in 2014, The Wellness Formula in 2018, had her methodology featured in IDG’s Peerscape for industry best practices and is the winner of the The 2018 Human Resources Today MVP Awards in the Analytics, Leadership Development and Innovation categories. Sarah has been featured at conferences and events such as SXSW, America’s Women Leadership Conference, The Global Workplace Wellness Summit, and Executive Presence for Women at Stanford, as well as platforms such as the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Business2Community and more.

 Employee Retention and Career Coach

JENNIFER HENDERSON //  Founder of Career Allies

Jennifer Henderson spent 15 years in Corporate America becoming an expert at employee retention and engagement. She oversaw operations throughout Colorado and across the Western US with some of her positions including: director of operations, program manager and director of business development.

She is also a certified career coach and enjoys helping leaders engage and develop their teams. With this experience, she founded Career Allies and is committed to ending the penalty of parenthood and supporting organizations who recognize their teams as humans first, employees second.

Certified Wellness Facilitator, Professional Coach, and Lawyer


She understands the challenges of today’s complex workplace and the critical importance of workplace culture. With over 20 years of experience on high performing teams in global organizations, Alyusha is passionate about creating positive and collaborative working environments where diverse, multi-generational teams are engaged, productive and thrive.

As a Certified Master Wellness Facilitator, she has a keen sense of balance and wellness and how they contribute to an organization’s bottom line. As a workplace wellness facilitator, she works with clients and organizations to develop a fully integrated wellness approach that allows employees to develop resilience and self-mastery, so they can perform at their best. 

Coach and Facilitator


Kim brings over 10 years of leadership experience in Aviation combined with her professional coaching certification to support those in organizations and with personal clients to live a balanced, fulfilled and purposeful life.

In the past 13 years, Kim has focused on supporting people build their leadership skills through developing mentorship programs and one on one coaching with clients all across Canada. Kim holds the ICF credential of Associate Certified Coach (ACC), bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an HR Management Certificate.  Kim is also a strong facilitator and has facilitated certified coach programs, leadership training, and personal development workshops throughout her career.

Kim’s compassionate, open and supportive style creates an environment for her clients to succeed. Kim has experienced much success in supporting her clients to make positive changes in their life and career.

Kim is also an instructor at the IWS Coaching institute providing leadership coach training, mentoring and support to new coaches. 


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