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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

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May 14, 21, 28 & June 12, 2019
Focus: Relational Well-being
Time: Chicago 9:00 am. (Toronto 10:00 pm, Los Angeles 7:00 am,) 

 Ever wondered how relationships at work impact the overall wellness of your workplace? Join the upcoming summit on Relational Well-being this May.

Join the Civility and Wellness Experts for Tools to Reduce Mental Stress at Work.

Joyce Odidison

CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.

Dr. Lew Bayer

CEO of Civility Experts

Dr. Roberta Kline

CEO of Genoma Internationa

Dorota Praski

Nick Haines

Founder The Vitality Test

Suri Surinder

Co-Founder & CEO of CTR Factor Inc.

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Summit Agenda in Central Standard Time

Tuesday May 28, 2019

  • 10:00 am - The Art of Kind Flowing Relationships - Friction and disagreements at work impacts productivity and flow. Learn the art of minimizing their impact and reducing the harm - Presenter: Nicholas Haines
  • 12:00 pm - Wellness,  Aging and the Workplace- Explore the impact of aging and generational realities in the workplace with us. - Presenter: Annie Gaudreault

Tuesday May 21, 2019

  • 10:00 am - Preserving Mental Health with Coaching - Ever Wondered How you Can Combat the Negative Energy and Toxic Atmosphere in The Workplace? Learn how The Wellness Coaching Conversation Framework can be used to Preserve Mental Health at Work, Reduce Stress and Improve Well-being. Presenter - Joyce Odidison
  • 12:00 pm -  Ever Wondered About a Different Approach to Wellness at Work and How it Can Improve Life and Relationships? Learn About the GENESIS Matrix - Explore Genomic Medicine for Workplaces. Presenter - Dr. Roberta Kline

Tuesday May 14, 2019

  • 9:00 am - Curious About the Incivility Epidemic Facing Workplaces and How it Impacts teams and organizations? Learn the three best practices you can immediately Implement to offset some the impact and foster Well-being at Work, Presenter - Dr. Lew Bayer 
  • 1:00 pm -Ever Wondered how Difficult Relationships and Toxic Interpersonal Relations at Work Impacted You or the Health of Your Employees? Join the panel discussion on Positive Motivators for Fostering Relational Well-being Energy - Panel: Alyusha Maharaj, Dorota Praski, & Joyce Odidison
    • 3:00 pm - The Perfect Pitch - Ever Wondered How Biases, Micro- Aggression and Relations can be Addressed and Shifted at Work? Join Suri Surinder, CEO of the CTR Factor Inc. and learn how to: Identify and  Assess Unconscious Biases and Micro-Aggression - Presenter, Suri Surinder

    Improve Relational Well-being Positive Energy and Interpersonal Wellness

    The Global Workplace Wellness Summit virtual program gives access to high-impact learning content from your desktop. No travel required. A cost effective way to get valuable diverse learning content from a global team of experts, to boost wellness at work with options to suit your needs!

    Coming June 12, 2019

    Healing from the Toxic Workplace Drama

    10:00 am - Ever Wondered if One can Heal From the Negative Energy and Toxic Behaviours They Become Exposed to at Work? Join the team of international panelists to learn tips and strategies to heal your mind and your workplace. Learn tips and strategies for healing. 

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    Ron Pizzo

    Annie Gaudreault

    Alyusha Maharaj

    Lea Brovedoni

    Trust Archtect

    United States

    Kathryn McEwen

     Resilience at Work (R@W)


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    With a workplace wellness membership, you receive timely wellness educational presentations, webinars and group coaching every month that your employees that meets an express need. Get collaborative support from our experts to address challenging issues that may be causing added stress. Get all your wellness programming and resources at your fingertips, and access to new speakers, wellness strategies and learning each month.

    View The Virtual Summit Tracks

    Personal Empowerment

    Mental Health & Fitness

    Interpersonal Wellness

    Perfect for employees who want more resources and strategies to manage their wellness.

    Managing Chronic Disease and Your Career

    Wellness Coaching Plans and Processes

    Personal Wellness Strategies

    Maintaining Balance

    Perfect if you are a practitioner of facilitator who need tools and resources to enhance your workplace response to mental health.

    Mental Health Issues at Work

    Stress and Mental Health

    Mental Wellness Strategies

    The Power of Emotional Cleansing

    Perfect if you want resources on improving relational well-being to reduce the stress of interpersonal conflicts at work.

    Conflict Resolution

    Anti-bullying and Harassment

    Relational Well-being

    Conflict and Stress

    Designing Workplace Wellness Systems

    Neuroscience of Wellness

    Leadership Strategies

    Perfect if you need tools or a framework to structure your workplace wellness offerings.

    Reducing the stress in workplace wellness program design

    Workplace Wellness Systems that Works

    Engaging Employees in Workplace Wellness Programming

    Increasing Participation in Your Workplace Wellness Program

    Perfect if you are looking for information on the brain awareness and well-being.

    Wellness Lessons from Neuroscience

    Positive psychology and Wellness

    Resilience and Wellness

    Employee Engagement

    Perfect if you lead a workplace wellness culture change in your organization.

    Creating a Wellness Culture at Work

    Challenges and Obstacles to Wellness at Work

    Overcoming Barriers to Wellness at Work

    Leadership Coaching as a Wellness Strategy

    " I REALLY enjoyed attending the summit and I was blown away and impressed with the guest speakers".

    "This sessions are amazing, the content is so interesting, great program".

    - 2019 Summit Attendee

    " Really knowledgeable speakers and a great format, exciting program".

    - 2019 Summit Attendee

    What to Expect

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    • A diverse range of topics 
    • Applicable tools that can be easily applied
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    You will learn from research, case studies, and proven tactics to increase your personal and organizational wellness.  You will walk away with knowledge, tools, and the ability to apply immediately.

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    We know that you are too busy and may not make all the live sessions, so the packages give you access to all recordings, templates, and Q&A sessions for up to 30 days with worry-free, cloud-based access for digital download from any device or location globally. You get universal access, which is much easier than CD's and DVD!


    Our speakers and educators are people who have done what you want to do and are actively helping people and organizations reach their wellness goals.  This way you can garner insights from the latest strategies and ideas!

    You will leave the virtual summit feeling inspired to take your wellness efforts to the next level, but more importantly with proven steps!

    2019 Virtual Summit Speakers

    We have an array of dynamic educators, researchers and practitioners in the field!  

    Our presenters are from six different countries will all be sharing their wisdom to help you improve wellness at work.

    Alyusha Maharaj


    Beatrix Schmidt


     Dr. Lynn Migdal

    United States

    Luke McEldowney

     United States

    Recertification Credits

    Attendees can earn up to 18 SHRM PDC'S recertification credits or 18 BRN credits or 5 ICF ACSTH from the Summit's sessions.