Dynamic Membership Programs


From a Starter to a total wellness corporate membership program

Offer a High Impact wellness program and we do all the Work.

Get a Wellness Membership with a variety of programs suited to Your employees' needs.

Whether you are just starting or have an established wellness program, these memberships will energize your offerings.

You will get:

  • Extended access to the summit packages
  • Inside scoop to upcoming summit topics
  • Free passes to summit sessions
  • Discounts on live summits and conferences
  • Wellness coaching sessions
  • Leadership wellness development strategies
  • Discounts to our executive health screening affiliate programs
  • Private member only wellness webinars and more. Limited membership accounts available.

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We provide a collaborative learning atmosphere where we learn from and with each other. While we value learning from the experts,  we often find our greatest learning comes from someone else’s story about their journey. 

Our summit packages bring you diverse perspectives on wellness from speakers around the globe and some locally that you can grow your wellness offering with. Let us help you increase participation in your wellness programs.

Our membership packages offer access to experts as well as seasoned professionals with expertise you have not yet encountered.

Previous Speakers at The Global Workplace Summit, includes Authors, TEDx Speakers, World-Class Researchers, and Leadership!

Dr. Lynn Migdall

Alyusha Maharaj

Dr. Anna Garret

Charmaine Hammond

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