March 6

Workplace Wellness Programs


Ready for a Cost-Effective Way to Increase Wellness at Work?

Many employees are what we call socialized by the “Amazon experience”. Thus, they are used to having many options to choose from. They want variety and diversity in the wellness program offerings, or they become bored and lose interest in your onsite program. This makes it difficult for any one organization to keep its program interesting and engaging for a prolonged period.

So, what’s the answer? Give your employees access to a wide range of services and modalities that they can use to improve their wellness on their own terms. You may be thinking that this is a very expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be.

This is where the Global Workplace Wellness Summit fills the gap, by providing regular, new interesting, unconventional, diverse and practical topics, sessions, presentations, modalities, and strategies that address the realities of your employees' lives. We partner with organizations to meet the real and perceived wellness needs of their employees; providing onsite access for those who want to participate in wellness education and learning at work, and off-site access for those who want to access wellness tools and information outside the workplace that is paid for by their employer.

The Summit provides free webinars and summit sessions that can be streamed from employees’ desktops, in a boardroom setting, as part of a staff meeting, in the lunchroom or from your wellness area.

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit also offers three levels of membership for its regular member organizations, while also providing limited access to summit packages to non-member organizations from the summit events held throughout the year.

Since the inception of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit in 2018, the site has had continuous traffic and organizations are registering for ongoing summit sessions daily. A clear indication that this void exists. The summit brings all the tips and tools to create and run an effective workplace wellness program. You can start by getting an All Access Pass that will provide recordings of the sessions.

To Your Wellness



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