January 14

Press Release – Workplace Wellness Tools and Resources


Tools and Resources for Workplace Wellness Internal and External Programs and Benefits Packages.

We all know that workplaces wellness takes many forms and may look different in different organizations. Your workplace wellness program should be for your people and should reflect the culture of the organization.

It should also provide employees access to tools and resources to boost their wellness year-round. Let’s face it, not employees are at the same place. It’s time for corporate wellness programs to become more reality based and less formal.

This is the primary reason employees tell us they don’t “like the wellness program at work” and why corporate wellness programs continue to register a 30% participation rate. There employees do not relate to what the provide for wellness improvement.

Global Workplaces Wellness Summit provides year-round access to a diverse range of tools and resources to help organizations deal with the ongoing challenges to wellness at work in a cost-effective way.

Our diverse program offerings are geared to meet the needs of employee wellness on nine dimensions.

Whether your organization is exploring and researching, is in the very early stages, or already have an established wellness program, you will find our unique program offerings, diverse speakers and content that are not available anywhere else.

With a live summit in November, and bi-annual virtual summits you will get access to global perspective on workplace wellness. We provide evidence-based content accessible to organizations and employees globally.

The 2019 winter virtual summit will feature topics like such as: ‘Dealing with Chronic Diseases’ and ‘Restoring Wellness After a Traumatic Experience.

This plus a range of other topics we will be providing to our attendees with some extremely attractive packages that give access to this content and introduce new speakers in the field continually.

The summit is owned and operated by the Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., a leading Canadian coaching, training, and consulting firm that offers employee benefits to organizations to help employees work, live and play well.

For more information on the summit, please contact Joyce Odidison, Founder of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., and Chair and Founder of the Global Workplace Wellness at: www.interpersonalwellness.com  877 999-9591



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